The People

Julia Dean-Richards

Snailbeach Tails is written and performed by Julia Dean-Richards. Julia is a writer and performer of poetry and stories. One day whilst out walking, she met a moose and so the ‘tail’ began. Snailbeach Tails is her first novel, inspired by the Shropshire landscape and the people who make it special. Julia often finds alternative ways of presenting her written work, and is interested in the layers that collaboration can bring. Extracts from Snailbeach Tails have been adapted to be performed at festivals, schools and events. Julia was born in the High Peak and lives in Shropshire.

Fran O’Boyle

Snailbeach Tails is the latest in a long line of adventures by picture shaper and story weaver Fran O’Boyle. Having made pictures for several books and travelled far and wide bringing to life the stories of old in schools, libraries and festivals throughout the lands, he is now enjoying helping to share this insight into an alternative dimension of the South Shropshire landscape and the interesting people who inhabit it.

Simon Cresswell

Snailbeach Tails is interrupted by the guitar playing of Simon Cresswell. His music explores the fleetingness of love and decay of youth in a spare, uncomplicated style which many critics have found out-of-date as compared to the exuberance of some contemporary players. Simon is currently seeking patronage in the land of lost content.

Ray Jacobs

Snailbeach tails continues to weave in and out of my life and my dreams. I am an experienced artist who has worked throughout the community over the last twenty years as a performer and director, creating imaginative and powerful works with a wide variety of companies, performers and participatory groups. Many of these projects and performance pieces have involved the use of film, film projection, Installation and performance.

I aim in my work to create movement and image which steps quietly into the human heart.